Your testimonials, our motivation!

Thank you for your patience and guidance in coaching my kids.

You know the kids very well and how to make them listen to you. You know how to praise and reward them when they do well. Playing games with them in the pool is also one thing they like. Your lessons are always very interesting to them. They always look forward to swimming on Sundays.

Thank you for making the lessons interesting. Thus, creating their eagerness to attend the lessons n learn.

Joe & Lisa

Parents of Declan & Chloe

Coach Tony displays a high level of patience in coaching my 6 year old boy who can be quite a handful at times. He incoporates fun activities to make the lesson enjoyable and interesting for the whole group. His motivational approach encourages my boy to do his best. Kuddos to Coach Tony. Highly recommended.

Faieza (Teacher)

Parent of Ilham

We are very pleased with Tony Lai as Rhea's swim teacher.

It is very important to us that our children become competent and safe swimmers and we can see the progress.

His patience, friendly manner and ability to make the lesson fun is great.

Highy recommended!

Cameron McKay

Parents of Cameron and Celest

Coach Tony is very patient towards my 5yo daughter who is timid. He motivates her to try and I am happy to see her improving. I am also amazed to see the progress made by the young children in my daughter's swimming class within a few weeks. A highly recommended instructor!

Wani (Teacher)

Parent of Nadra Sofea

Coach Tony is a patient and a fun coach for my child. She enjoys the lesson every week and look forward to getting the rewards he offer at the end of lesson. Definitely recommended for young kids!

Aisah (Teacher)

Parent of Iffah Qistina

Sunday has become the day my boys look forward to the most. They enjoy the swimming lessons with Coach Tony. My boys can be quite a handful but Coach Tony has his way with them. He utilises the whole 1 hour meaningfully and is very generous with compliments and motivating words.

Liza (Teacher)

Parent of Aryz & Akif

Coach Tony has a tremendously great and fun way of teaching swimming. He can be serious and yet entertaining. What I really like about him is his flexibility in teaching – he would always cater to each individual's needs and observe each student's swimming movements, and then tackle the problem at hand. My 7 year old son, Danish,really looks forward to his swimming lesson with Coach Tony.

Haslinda (SAHM)

Parent of Danish Nabil